My name is Lela of Uku-Lela Therapy. 

I am a board certified music therapist and my goal is to use youtube and other social media platforms to encourage healthy self-development, improve general well-being and mental health issues such as low self-esteem, negative thinking, anxiety, depression, and other similarly fun things. 

Through that I hope to build a strong community of friends and love and encouragement! (Cue rainbows and butterflies.)

Music has always been a constant in my life.



Ever since I can remember I have been musically involved in some way. Somehow God, the universe, spirit guides, whatever… Picked me up and dropped me at Florida State University to study music therapy. (Honestly when I think back I can’t remember much about why or how I ended up there in that program.)

This love I had for music continued to grow and grow throughout my life until it became much deeper than just playing some songs on the  piano because I thought it was fun.

I also received a minor in psychology and grew even more and more interested in and passionate about that as well.

A few other things I love include making videos, helping others, authenticity, creativity, the internet… You see where I’m going here, right? Basically everything I love became friends with each other when my sister and I came up with this project idea one late New Year’s Eve. So here I am…

Welcome to Uku-Lela Therapy!!


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